what is chemical electrode earthing? | chemical electrode earthing | maintenance free chemical earthing

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What is chemical electrode earthing? | What is Chemical Earthing | chemical electrode earthing

Today we will know what is chemical earthing, how is this earthing done, and said. You will also know how much money it costs to do chemical earthing.

Chemical earthing is the earthing (electrode earthing) in which we use chemical powder instead of coal and salt. In normal earthing, we put salt and coal on top of the electrode earthing. But in Chemical Economy, this does not happen, in Chemical Earthing, we put chemical powder on the electrode. (electrode earthing)

There are two types of chemical powders used in chemical earthing. The first is Carbon powder and the second is Bentonite powder. Carbon powder is black in color and bentonite powder is brown in color. Carbon powder is used in normal places whereas Bentonite powder is mostly used in dry places. 

Where is chemical earthing used? | What is chemical earthing? | maintenance free chemical earthing

If we want, we can also use chemical earthing in our homes. Chemical earthing can be used everywhere. But there is someplace where only chemical earthing should be done. Earthing containing coal and salt may not be used in those places. For example, only chemicals should be done in hilly areas. Chemical earthing is also done on rocky land.

In clear words, we use chemical earthing (electrode earthing) in places with low humidity.

Chemical earthing in used Material | chemical earthing electrode manufacturers

Many materials are used while doing chemical earthing, the main names are as follows.

  • S.W.G. Copper Wire
  • Carbon powder/ Bentonite powder
  • G.I. Nut / bonze nut bolt
  • Earth Electrode
  • Reducing socket
  • Funnel
  • Wire mesh

How is chemical earthing done? | chemical earthing electrode specification

The first thing to do is to dig a pit for chemical earthing. Pits are dug according to the size of the earth electrode. After digging into the pit, sprinkle some water in it. (electrode earthing)

Electrode Earthing
Electrode Earthing
Then the chemical powder is put inside the pit at 40 to 50% depth. Next, we set the earth electrode inside the pit. The upper part of the earth electrode stays slightly out. The upper part is kept out so that the earth wire can connect. (electrode earthing)
Electrode Earthing
Electrode Earthing

Then put a chemical compound or powder in the whole pit. We then connect the earth wire to the reducing socket of the earth electrode. A nut is welded with the reducing socket. The earth wire is connected to the nut. After this, we can now use earthing after a day or two.

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What is the cost of chemical earthing?

The cost of chemical earthing depends on how deeply we are earthing. The cost is a bit lower if we do the earthing ourselves. The chemical compound of earthing is 5000 to 6000, this rate is 50 KG chemical compound. Earth electrodes for chemical earthing range from 2000 to 3000. It is cheaper if you go for GI earth electrodes. Copper means electrode GI earth electrode is expensive.

According to this, if you do chemical earthing yourself, then your work will be done in 7000 to 8000. That is, if you get it done from another company, you will also have to pay extra money to get it done. Besides, he will think of making more money from you and will say that we will use this different type of chemical powder so it will be expensive. (electrode earthing)

So if you do chemical earthing yourself then your work will be done in 7000 to 8000 but chemical earthing done by a company will cost you 10 thousand to 12 thousand.

Benefits of Chemical Earthing | chemical earthing electrode price in India | advantages of chemical earthing

  • This performs in all weather conditions giving stable earth resistance values.
  • Chemical earthing is a long-life earthing. 
  • Chemical earthing is maintenance-free earthing.
  • It reduces the resistivity of soil

So, friends, I hope you have found the answers to many questions related to Chemical Earthing today. If you still have any questions related to engineering, you must let us know by commenting.

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