What is the definition of Transformer? | Definition of transformer in electrical

What is the definition of a Transformer?

In general terms, the transformer refers to the Quello that determines the situation or situation to produce a transformation about an object or an individual, then corresponds.

Generally, in the present tense, the gentile refers to the result of a transformative change that is a change in the course of one’s life and a sense of gratitude. This experience results in definite adversity or an impedance on the correct development, case, the case as an obstacle that impedes the happiness of pleasures.

For example, a book, a person who knows and promotes a very profound spirituality, discovers the passion for something, enters other questions, and sometimes thinks like transformers.

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But, on the other side and corridors, a poco of lado spirituality and yandonos a more objevito, concrete and technically, the transformer also refers to an electric apparatus that can be used regularly to convert the cornea. The intensity of the tension and the intensity of vice versa.


Essentially we allow this electrician to amaze or ignite an electric circuit but always maintain the frequency, in an ideal case, the potential that is not there. perda is dependent on the design or design present in the application.

Structurally, a very simple transformer consisting of two bobinas devanadas on a nucleus cherrado de hiroro dulce.

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