Automatic Contactless Switch For Your Smart Home

Automatic Contactless Switch

With increasing technological advancement, changes in modern times need to be updated. To keep away from the danger of corona, it is essential now not to contact the keys and keys that others normally use.

This required the invention of a switching technique to replace the manual machine with the touch machine.

we are going to make an Automatic Contactless Switch that only works for physical activity. Our smart communication switches have a sensor that detects hand movements and can translate them into commands to control various lighting, fans, and appliances.

Let’s start the smart switch by purchasing the following items.

First we need to install the required library in Arduino IDE. Library Manager Search AP APDS9960 Install Ad Adafruit APDS9960

Automatic contactless switch

After installing the library, add it to the code and specify the PIN-PIN number and Fan Control. Next, you start the sensor and create a setup function where you can set the pin mode output light and fan control.

Create a loop function to refresh sensor reading and use your hand gesture as a pin control. If anything, clarify directions based on body type (up, down, left and right).

Top: Light on

Bottom: The lights are off

Left: The fan is open

Right: Fan off

Now upload the code to Arduino and connect the objects described in the circuit diagram. Connect the AC wire to the standard pin of the transmission mode to control the lights and fans.

Test connection switch
Now start the device and transfer. When you move your hand up, the transmission changes and the lights glow & similarly the touch of the hand turns off the light.

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