Top 10 Wire & Cable Manufacturing Companies In The UK | Electric Cable Manufacturer in United Kingdom

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Top 10 Wire & Cable Manufacturing Companies In The UK | Electric cable Manufacturer in UK

Nowadays the United Kingdom has become the world’s largest Cable Manufacturing and is one of the most respected manufacturers of high-quality cables and wires for telecommunications and infrastructure applications. You will find customers for these products throughout the United Kingdom and around the world in many different market sectors. The companies for wire and cable manufacturing in the United Kingdom are committed to delivering a world-class service experience for their customers.

Now, we are going to know about the Top 10 Wire and Cable Manufacturing Companies in the UK. These companies provide the best quality products and services to customers.

Top 10 Wire and Cable Manufacturing Companies in the United Kingdom |UK Cable Manufacturer | SWA Cable Suppliers UK | Power Cable Suppliers UK

1: Madison Wire (Europe ) Ltd.

This company is a leading manufacturer of ignition cables automotive industry. Currently, Madison Wire has 3 extrusion lines with a production capacity that produce between 6,000- 7,000 meters per hour. They have all kinds of materials of cables. This company is situated in Madison House, Davyfield Road, Blackburn, Lancashire United Kingdom.

2: C3 Ltd.

This company is formed from the combination of over 30 years of experience within OEM supply chains for wire, cable, connectors, and connectivity. C3 Ltd offers their customers a wealth of cable knowledge chain expertise. This company is one of the Best wire and cable manufacturing companies in the UK. C3 Ltd is situated in Bwstates, Oldmixon Cresent.

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3: Lasnek Ltd.

Lasnik Ltd manufactures the Kensal range of stainless steel cable management systems. This company is based on over 30 years of engineering experience in the food, beverage, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries, and products have become respected specified brands over the world. This is situated in President way, UK.

4: Nottingham cable

Nottingham cable assembly manufacturers TCL have been manufacturing cable assemblies in the United Kingdom since 1990. The core aim of their business is building bespoke cable assemblies made to your specifications. This company is a highly motivated and skilled workforce providing the best quality and service to the customers. They meet customers’ demands including accreditations, tooling, and manufacturing capabilities.

5: Caledonian Cables Ltd.

Caledonian established in 1978, produces a wide range of copper and fiber optic cables for communication, and power electronics. It is primary plants are situated in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain. To stay one step ahead in their business, they continually keep expanding their manufacturing capabilities to more low-cost regions such as China, Romania, and Taiwan. This company is situated in Shandong, the United Kingdom.

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Top 10 Wire & Cable Manufacturing Companies | Electrical Cable Suppliers UK | Electric Cable Manufacturer in UK

6: Anixter Limited.

Anixter component solutions specializes in the supply and distribution of industrial plastic metal fastener components calling on a range of over 10,000 standard catalog parts. To complement the range, they offer an impeccable bespoke component manufacturing service to ensure that customer gets the best product.

7: Copper Cable Company.

The copper cable company is based out of the United Kingdom and is one leader in the production of all types of wire cable. They produce over 25,000 different cables spread across 7 facilities in Europe.

Currently, this company is in the top rank at top terms of global cable supplying products to 70 countries in the world.

8: Series 4 Limited.

The Series 4 limited are the manufacturers and distributors of production equipment and industrial tools. Series 4 limited was established in 1988 with the sole aim of offering the best possible quality, price, and combination to electronics-associated industries. They are now occupying 3 large units in the United Kingdom. They are extending their business all over the E.U.R.O.P.E.

World’s largest cable manufacturers | top wire and cable manufacturers

9: DTS Trading Inc Limited.

DTS trading inc limited (the world’s largest cable manufacturer) is a leading buying office located in central London in the United Kingdom. This company sells high-quality cable products, particularly electrical power control cables, and wires. This company is officially approved with standard O.E.M. manufacturing.

10: Cabletree, UK.

This company is located in Manchester. Cabletree has become firmly established as one of the most respected manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Their specialization is in diagnostic cables, nurse calls, medical specialists, etc. They have a highly motivated and skilled workforce with the best quality and service to their customers.

These are the top 10 wire and cable manufacturing companies in the United Kingdom.

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